Finding Peace

We may wonder if our world will ever experience peace again. Nations are in turmoil, communities are in turmoil, families are in turmoil, people live with sadness, trauma and fear. Finding peace in our lives is a priceless thing. The Bible calls Jesus Christ “Our Peace”. At Lifegate Church, we are real people who live

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Pastors Kevin & Penny

Whether it’s hunting, science, the outdoors or intellect – Kevin & Penny Dixon have it covered! Kevin is a gifted communicator passionate pastor who loves the outdoors, has an amazing collection of collections and has never really stopped being a youth group leader. Kevin is a Taranaki lad who has a great knowledge and heart for

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ACTS Churches NZ

Lifegate Church is proudly part of the ACTS Churches NZ, formerly known as the Apostolic Church Movement of New Zealand, and within that is part of the Active Churches family too. ACTS Churches NZ comprises of a network of 60+ churches across New Zealand all sharing the same values around the cornerstone scripture – Ephesian

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Youth Hangout

3.30- 5pm every Tuesday during term. Kevin and the team at Lifegate Church have been providing an excellent hangout space for young people since 2012. This is meeting an important need in the community and connects young people with a community that can care about them and offer them support. If you are at High

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