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Evening Service Oct 12th 5pm with special guests

Join us Sunday October 12th for a special evening service with special guests Bruce and Talia Coghlan on the couch.

Starts at 5pm with food provided.

Bruce & Talia with Ps KevinBruce and Talia spent years in the hard party and punk rock scene, losing many friends to early deaths through violence and drugs. Five years ago their lives started to change slowly when a small voice said to Bruce ‘you’ve been deceived’. After searching through many alternate religious thoughts finally one night they both separately came to the point where they realized they needed to surrender to Jesus.

Their life started again from that point two and a half years ago and it’s been growing more wholesome, ordered and fun ever since.

Pastors Kevin & Penny

Whether it’s hunting, science, the outdoors or intellect – Kevin & Penny Dixon have it covered!

Kevin Dixon - The HunterKevin is a gifted communicator passionate pastor who loves the outdoors, has an amazing collection of collections and has never really stopped being a youth group leader. Kevin is a Taranaki lad who has a great knowledge and heart for the local community in and around Inglewood.

Penny is a high school teacher and Head of Science at the local Inglewood High School. Penny also has a strong prophetic gift. Ask her anything and she will give you an answer and her wisdom on how to live it out.

Kevin and Penny have three wonderful adult children,  two son-in-laws and one brand new grandchild, and have been the pastors at Lifegate Church since 2000.

Youth Hangout

3.30- 5pm every Tuesday during term.

Kevin and the team at Lifegate Church have been providing an excellent hangout space for young people since 2012. This is meeting an important need in the community and connects young people with a community that can care about them and offer them support. If you are at High School then you are invited to hang out at Lifegate Church, have some food and meet the team.